Nov 23, 2009
I just updated my Google Maps yesterday and received the update that includes the navigation. It says that it's beta. Does this mean that they may add some more features to it before the "official" release? Is there a user manual somewhere for this so I know exactly how to use everything and know all of its features? Thanks.
It's a Beta version so It's basically a near finished test , When they update it they would fix any bugs that may have been found { one Primary reason for a Beta}. But it's also very possible they could decide to add new features. :)

Their also really isn't a set manual for these things however , if you have any questions you could always browse AF or ask the Community here at AndroidForums :)
Yes beta is more or less a "let's get this out and see how well it works".

Alpha testing is usually closed (not public) which is why most ppl haven't heard of them

I wouldn't expect them to change anything major when the beta is over. A few tweaks perhaps but not to much more then that.

If they did a big change they would have to start the process all over again.
No hope for "avoid highways" feature?

I have to have avoid highways. Is there any app in the store with a gps navigation system I can download until Google Maps adds this feature?
This is just my opinion at this point, but I think google will add more features to future updates. The beta version they have out now is nice, especially being that it's free, but it still doesn't really compete with Garmin and Tom Tom quite yet. It's just a basic GPS that does have some nice features. For someone that doesn't need a lot of features and doesn't want to spend a lot of money, google navigation is for them. If you want a GPS with lane assist, speedometer and altimeter, total trip distance, ETA, etc. then you'll still have to go with one of the big boys. I'm sure google will eventually incorporate these features, and once they do, Garmin and Tom Tom are going to have trouble competing with it.
most of those features wont be hard...especially because our phones use google maps which is constantly updating... total trip speedometer altimeter simple to add...dont know about lane assist but it does show traffic and what really cool if you use aux input on ur car with the fone so u can play music and it will pause the music for the gps to talk kind of cool and factory navish