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Google maps -search from the client, or from the backend?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Bledmuts, Dec 2, 2019.

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    (I think I've posted ths in the wrong forum, repost...)
    Hi, there I'm Bledmuts and this is my first post.
    I did a google search but couldn't find an answer to my question. Telling the truth, I didn't know exactly how to search.
    Suppose I have an app that integrates google maps API and performs searches using the location api. Should the calls for the APIs be made directly from the client app or should the app ask my backend server to do the searches thru an intermediate API?

    This are the advantages I see of doing this:
    -I could log user searches
    -I would not expose my google maps API key
    -I could search, do more stuff, and then return an answer to the client (like gather extra data from a BD for instance)

    What would be the cons besides this one?
    -I would get more load in my server




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