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google maps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thetal1, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. thetal1

    thetal1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    when i go to google maps and i try to choose an address from my contacts list as a start point or end point it tells me "The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. plese try again."
    I tried taking out the battery and trying again turning the GPS on and off.
    What could the problem be?

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  2. NotPortlyNJ

    NotPortlyNJ Newbie

    I too have this problem.
  3. You modified the moment in any way (root or otherwise)?
    You running any desktop replacement programs?
    Install any new programs?
    Update google maps from the market instead of using the stock on the moment came with?
    This is a crash report for a core process of android.. Might have to do a factory reset (or trade the phone in for a new one) if it is persistant...
  4. NotPortlyNJ

    NotPortlyNJ Newbie

    Well, aside from a few apps at the app store, no. No mods, no desktop replacement, no upgrades. Just plain doesn't work, and hasn't.
  5. Try reflashing the stock firmware with ODIN and see if that fixes it.. if not go back to the store and get a new one.. Could have a bad file that got flashed on there at the mfg or it could be a bad phone...
  6. of course
  7. NotPortlyNJ

    NotPortlyNJ Newbie

    What is ODIN? Sorry for the newbie question

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