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Google music causes systemUI crash

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Myosh, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Myosh

    Myosh Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Pretty much as the title says it appears that Google music crashes systemUI. Anyone got any ideas for fixing it? Cache and data clearing don't seem to be working for me. Also fully updated all apps but no change in the bug. Any rooted users experiencing the bug too?

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  2. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    Im NOT rooted and having that same problem. Any time you try to play a song or skip to the next song i get a crash. It takes me back out to the homescreen and the music plays in the background.

    The icon is still showing in the status bar. If i open the app its right where i left off and eveything is fine. Try to change the song and it does change but it also crashes and kicks me out of the app again while the new song i selected begins to play.

    Major pain in the a**

    Its something to do with that app. An update broke it for this phone. It worked fine before an update then went to crap

    I have a similar issue with YouTube app on another phone i have
  3. xlegitimate

    xlegitimate Well-Known Member

    Just purchased my phone on the 10th and I can also confirm that I'm getting the same message whenever I launch the Play Music app. I'm not rooted. Quick note, I noticed that the volume when turned all the way up is STILL moderately low but whenever I use the Soundcloud app, it's actually loud like it's supposed to be.
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  4. kell621

    kell621 Lurker

    i also am having the same issue. also my phone keeps rebooting itself for no reason. this is my first android phone, so i am really getting annoyed. i have only had it one month. i have done several factory resets and it still doesnt help. it seems to do it mostly between 10 and 11am every day, so it is unusable for that time. it always says optimizing apps and it cycles thru all my apps taking at least 20 minutes. i do love this phone when it is working.
  5. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    Take it to metro. They'll want to reset it first so be warned but i believe their phones come with a1year warranty.
  6. kell621

    kell621 Lurker

    I did take it back and was told I have to send it in for repair. I called warranty and they want me to send it in, but I can't be without my phone. Its It's just annoying cuz I really love this phone.
  7. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    They should allow u to keep it until the replacement arrives in store
  8. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    I sent a LG g stylo back because it randomly would reboot out of the box. I got to keep it until the replacement came
  9. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    I found when using a combination of smart lock and Bluetooth headphones stops the crashing for me. But only when using the audio over Bluetooth and having that Bluetooth device behave as a smart lock safe device
  10. wewk584

    wewk584 Lurker

    Happening to me as well. (The google play thing) Phone is a week old. Otherwise awesome phone. Tbh this doesnt change my opinion.. Its just one app. Phone is stable otherwise
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    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
  11. Mattswad

    Mattswad Member

    I *AM* rooted.

    I have *NEVER* so much as even OPENED the Google Music app on this or any other phone I've ever owned.

    (I refuse to associate with bloatware or any un-needed app that tries to prevent you from un-installing it)

    I too get very annoying System UI freezes shortly after Google Music force closes randomly at the most inopportune times!!!!

    I have always uninstalled Google Music/Video/Books, etc from every phone once rooted.

    Just haven't done it with this one yet because there is no recovery.

    Due to this and many other headaches due to the locked bootloader, this will be the last Alcatel I will ever purchase.

    It may very well be the last google associated phone I own as well. I know it will be very difficult to maintain an Android without google but it can be done.

    If I pay this much money for something I want to at least be lied to and made to falsely *believe* that I OWN my device!
  12. Mattswad

    Mattswad Member

    But I guess the concept of owning your own phone that you bought went away with the concept of owning the unlimited data you pay for and they advertise.
  13. I've been having this issue for months now, and it's very frustrating. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been trying lots of things to fix it, but nothing yet. Then again, I'm no expert, so hopefully someone better at this than me can figure something out.

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