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Google Music ghost files after deletion! How to remove?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by omnimodis78, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. omnimodis78

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    After days (yes, days) spent on this topic, I am forced to get help. Firstly, I reside in Canada, so I can't access/use the 'cloud' Google Music service. Secondly, I drag & drop all my MP3 files through USB into a folder I created in the root folder, and I named it "music". It all works great until a few days ago I added about 20 songs, none of which showed up in the player (though the files are in the folder). I decided to clear out the folder so I deleted everything. Restarted the phone, but when I go into Google Music, all the files, complete with albumart, etc remain cached. The files are gone, because if I try playing them, I get a message saying that the files are missing, but I cannot clear the cache, so there are over 250 ghost songs in there now. I tried 'clear data', which resolves it for a few seconds, then all the cache just pops right back. What do I do, I want my music player to be cleared out! Thanks.

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