Dec 10, 2011
Anyone know if there's a way to have any music with a 'thumbs up' automatically downloaded by Google Music? I.e., you can select individual artists and songs and albums too I think, but not the dynamic thumbs up playlist

No. Additionally, you can't make automatically created playlists, like the "thumbs up" playlist, available offline. The best way to get all your favorite music onto your phone is to select all the files from your "thumbs up" playlist on your PC, create a new playlist called "favorites" (or whatever you want to call it), then drag all the "thumbs up" songs to "favorites." Then you can make the whole "favorites" playlist available offline on your phone.

Kind of a pain in the ass, and I hope Google fixes this soon. I think they will.
Hmm... I spent the day running errands and unfortunately, unlike the commercials, getting all your music from the cloud is not so ideal when driving and going between 4G/3G/2G/no G! Maybe it'll get better as it downloads frequently played files, but with 32gbs i think its time for me to transfer my music...

So everyone - any recommendations on the process here. Total Android n00b, but it looks like my options are:
1. Transfer files manually to music folder (not preferred - not auto sync)
2. Potentially transfer files with Windows Music Player and keep synced via USB
3. Definitely transfer files with Winamp and keep synced wirelessly

Any pros/cons between the three? Any more options? Does anyone here use Winamp over Google Music on ICS?