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Google Navigation + Bluetooth streaming

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Travisimo, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Travisimo

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    Today, I used Google Maps Navigation in the car while listening to music via Bluetooth in the Mog app. On my previous phones, whenever Navigation would speak directions, it would pause (or at least reduce the volume) the streaming music and then resume when it was done speaking. On my Bionic, however, the music will pause but I cannot hear the spoken directions (I can tell they are triggered because it is in the right places on the map, but no sound is heard). If I manually pause my Mog app, then the directions will be spoken out loud. Has anybody else run into this issue? It's a little annoying because I basically have to keep music off if navigating now or I won't hear the directions.

    In a related problem, my Mog player will start playing whenever I get a notification in the notification bar. For example, I will have recently had Mog open playing music, but I pressed Pause for some reason. If I get an e-mail or another notifications, the Mog player will automatically start playing again, almost as if it pressed play by itself. Once the Mog app is no longer active (I presume the OS makes it inactive after a certain amount of time), this no longer happens. Strange behavior.

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