Google Navigator - Voice Not Functional



I'm new here, and hoping someone is willing to help me.

I have a Droid Eris running OTA 2.1. I just tried using Google Navigator for the first time this morning. When I ran it it led me to install the text to speech app. Unfortunately, I had my SD card mounted (for music in my car) at the time and the install failed. I dropped out, un-mounted the card, manually installed the app, and re-started Google Nav. I have no sound in it at all now. It is not muted, and the nav volume is at max.

I have heard it work on my wife's phone. The nav software was my main reason for getting an Android phone. Does anyone have any suggestions or am I going to have to factory reset?

Thank you in advance.


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There appears to be at least two things going on, probably user error based on expectations.

1) The SD card must be available for system use. I should have figured that right away. If Nav is run and the card is not set correctly I've had to reboot the phone to get Nav voices to work.

2) It seems to want to play through Bluetooth audio if that is connected. You have to disable the Bluetooth media connection if you want to hear it through the phone. I had my radio on, but my phone connected. An app to let you control specific settings would be nice, but probably limited in use.

Maps seems to force close a lot when I use it.