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Google Nexus One Event Recap

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Unfortunately I didn’t attend the Nexus One event today and instead I’m sitting in my Vegas hotel room reporting on it as I wait for CES to begin tomorrow. I’m guessing you didn’t go either? Well if you want a recap of the event in bullet form we thought we would catch you up [...]


  2. trife

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  3. Ghâshûl

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  4. momoceio

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    and talk your emails...
  5. GeoUSA

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    I haven't seen anyone mention this but the main rumored feature that had me excited about the Nexus One is not there... OLED screen. This would make battery life surpass any other smart phone by a wide margin; however I completely understand this would have pushed the cost of the phone far higher.

    Perhaps the pre-release models in use by some Google staff do incorporate OLED for testing/evaluation.

    I will be waiting a few months and enjoying my G1.

    Duh -- AMOLED is apparently an OLED screen technology. Never mind...
  6. shawn1224

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    I doubt it. Behold II has OLED screen yet Battery life still has major hiccups. Although it is encumbered with the whole touchwiz crap.

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