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Google nexus one

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joedotm, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. joedotm

    joedotm Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 20, 2011
    Dear all,

    After quite some search on the net, I want to go into android smartphones; I'v been into Nokia and Imate for a while.

    Price counts for me for many reasons.

    I browsed the HTC wildfire, Desire, Google nexus one, etc. and compared them to E7 and iphone 4.
    My mind is tempted by the google nexus one; specially with a price of $267 on amazon.

    - I want a big screen since I need to constantly read my emails and news
    - I need to read my emails (webmail, gmail and hotmail)
    - I need to use whatsapp
    - I need to read pdf files
    - I need to read excel files

    and I don't want to change it before 2 years :)

    Please advise.

    Thank you


  2. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2010
    To start off, the desire and nexus one are practically the same phone in hardware sense(!)
    The only difference will be the interface of the desire, tweaked by HTC (called "Sense")
    While the nexus one will be the stock android hardware, receiving most android updates quicker then the rest (Over The Air from Google, while others have to pass through the manufacturer's).
    Don't go for the Wildfire, it seems the most budget friendly but the performance is not to be compared. The processor in it is ancient and you won't be able to run most apps smoothly anymore.

    I can guarantee however that the nexus one will be good for those things for at least 2 years (don't know whatsapp tho). I've had it for 1,5 yr now and it's still good. Never kept in a case (just the nice pouch it came with), dropped a good five times (one high drop on concrete) and not a mark on the screen (well the last impact hit the side of it slightly), the metal casing absorbs most of the impact (by denting that is ofc). If you'd drop your phone on the corner of your screen it would normally be game over, but this one is built in such a way that that's practically impossible.
    Came with everything needed to read Word Excel PDF etc. Gmail is built in, hotmail can be configured (although I recently just forwarded all my hotmails to my gmail and labeled it "Hotmail", MUCH easier)

    For around 250 you'll still have one hell of a smartphone on your hands, you'll find it simplifying things you never thought of (this was my first smartphone too).
    It won't be the latest dual-processing, 3D capturing, full HD rendering smartphone but it'll still blow most of the phones in it's priceclass out of the water :)

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