Help Google Now not working after resetting, please help!!


After having to reset my note 2 because all of a sudden it had no network (which is another story), I have now discovered that I can't properly use Google Now anymore :(. I see no cards, if I tap 'show more cards' nothing shows up, if i ask for the weather it just shows me google results instead of the card where you could swipe the bar to see the weather for the whole day - what happened!? If I ask how long it will take me to get to work, it will just show me google results for that. Opening apps seems to work without a problem though.

I tried disabling and enabling google now, which didn't help. I synched my google account again, which did not help as well. I also made sure my language settings are all consistent, as I live in Switzerland and my phone's default language is German - it's all set to US English. Can anyone help me? I don't see any cards at all, I want to use google now again! I want to see the weather swipe thing :) Thank you!!


Great I just realized that I can't even use google maps' navigation - I can open it and all but it's stuck on 'waiting for location' forever. All GPS settings are enabled I don't understand what's going on! :'(