Google Phone App bug since update


I have a Google Pixel XL, and am currently running the Android Beta O version OPP2.170420.019. Since the recent update to the Phone app (version 10.1.161735957) approximately 2 weeks ago (7/17/17) any time I receive a phone call the call is not displayed on the screen, nor does the call wake my phone screen. The ringtone will play and/or phone will vibrate to indicate an incoming call. However to see the caller, and to answer the call I must unlock the phone (if it is currently locked), open the phone app, select the keypad as if I want to dial a number, then I will see the options that I normally would if I was already in a call. I then need to select "Return to Call in Progress" at which time the typical incoming call screen is displayed with caller picture and number and I can swipe to answer as I normally would. Also, a missed call does not appear in my notifications bar, but does show in my phone history if I manually check it. AND I am not receiving any voicemails. As you can imagine this leads to MANY missed calls from the lengthy answering process, as well as not noticing that I missed calls when I am away from my phone. I waited several days since the update assuming a new update would be promptly released with bug fixes, but nothing yet. At the least I need to revert back to the last version pre-update.

Is anyone else experiencing this, or know what I can do to fix it? I have already emailed Google support with this info. Any help is appreciated!