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Google Phone, iPhone On Saturday Night Live [SNL]

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. phandroid

    phandroid Admin News Bot
    Thread Starter

    It isn’t only tech obsessed geeks that are talking about mobile gadgets non-stop. These days pretty much EVERYONE is talking about the latest phones and we all know that the iPhone and Android are on the top of the heap. On Saturday Night Live they used the latest “Google Phone” rumors as a segway [...]


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  2. BottledHate

    BottledHate Android Enthusiast

    LOL... go SNL.
  3. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Good rip on the AT&T Network...
    (Or should I say lack of...)

    Seems like there's alot of that going on.

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