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Apr 12, 2008
The myth is become a legend and the legend is making its way into the hands of Google employees. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, tweets and other messages from around the interwebz are claiming that the fabled Google Phone is being given to a large number of Google employees to test out. The overwhelming [...]

And my response to this comment is pretty much the same....

"Can you imagine a $100 Android phone with absolutely no contract like our friend Charbax suggests?"

Who cares?? Those of us who know android and follow it will NOT want it if it's smaller than the hero and if it's scaled down enough to be able to sell it for $100. Contract or no. And although Google is a popular "name," it's not a brand that the average Joe, or Jane, will be clamoring to go after in a phone because most people still simply know them for web based products; i.e., search engine, maps, email. Those people aren't going to jump on a phone just because it's Google. If they want to attract the masses they'll have to develop a phone that beats the iphone at all the things the iphone does well, not just those things the iphone doesn't do well, and it has to at least be equal in size to the iphone. AND it has to be as easy to use, which is a key ingredient Android has been missing. I know this isn't an iphone killer discussion, but the iphone pulls in so many people and has set the standard that for a phone with these kind of expectations they've gotta cut in to iphone sales.

However, I DO think the idea of ANY good cell phone being available for only $100 with no contract will attract a certain number of people, but not a game changer.

And for those of us looking to get a new Android phone and haven't made the plunge yet, I would venture to say 90% of us want at LEAST a 3.5" screen. I think 3.7 is the ideal size. Some are clamoring for the 4.3, but that's bit large, and my guess would be the majority of us would prefer a 3.7 to 4 range.
Actually, based on the rumors, it looks like it will be an unlocked GSM phone, which means T-Mobile or AT&T...
This is kinda like the Iphone coming to verizon thing? I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe this is more then a new version of android. With googles acquisition of gizmo5 I have a feeling the true google phone is 12 months+ away and will be a pure data phone ( all 3g) phone. IF they can get a provider to give out data only plans. Face it, the future of cellular networks is all in the data. Kinda like when we used to pay for internet by the hour...One thing is true, the google phone will make everything else seem like child's play.
Google Inc. has designed a cellphone it plans to sell directly to consumers as soon as next year, according to people familiar with the matter.
The phone is called the Nexus One and is being manufactured for Google by HTC Corp., these people said. It runs Android, the operating system for mobile phones that Google developed, they added.
But unlike the more than half-dozen Android phones made by phone manufacturers today, Google designed virtually the entire software experience behind the phone, from the applications that run on it to the look and feel of each screen.
The Internet giant is taking a new, and potentially risky, approach to selling the device. Rather than selling the phone through a wireless carrier--the way the bulk of phones are sold in the U.S. today--Google plans to sell the Nexus One itself online. Users will have to buy cellular service for the device separately.
I'm pretty interested in this story. Does anyone have any ideas on specifications? Hopefully it's a fast phone with a nice, decently sized screen.
Nexus One, The Google Phone, Captured In The Wild (Picture)

Heres the phones that were handed out apparently: It's the Passion!
Brilliant Idea...

Google sends a supply of prototypes to staff of Phandroid/
"for testing"...(I know Google is dog fooding this device to employees)

Whats wrong with a little bit external testing??
I wouldn't be upset if I got one either.
PASS on the dog food though.

Any +1's??? LoL :p