Google Photos is always running and eating data


My Droid Turbo is eating through battery life and my data. I am only getting about 9-10 hours of life. I am able to check the Battery status and will usually see Google photos up top with the highest %. I will click on it and then hit Force Stop.
I always use WiFi when at home but I'm eating through data like nobody's business! Help!


Extreme Android User
Has this issue been a long-standing one going back a while or just something that the Google Photos app has started doing recently. Or is this a new install of Google Photos?
If it's a problem that just started to happen, have you recently added a large number of photos to your photo library? Or recently enabled the option to include videos in your backup? That might explain why it's trying to upload so often. That would also apply to a newly installed set up, the app is just trying to fulfill its initial, full backup into your online Google account. Try leaving your Droid overnight, connected to your WiFi, so it can finish doing its backup.