Google Play doesn't auto update apps

hello, I use android 5.0 lollipop.

Google play doesn't auto update and doesn't show notifications for update waiting apps. When I clear "data" for Google Play Store it starts to show notifications, but when I open Google Play , it asks me about google campaigns and agreements, I accept it, and after this process problem starts again.

I am sure this is about the "data" that Google Play uses. Problem disappears when I clear data. Problem starts again after first usage. (first window)

I tried deleting cache and data for Google play services too. I did factory reset and I removed Google Account. Nothing helps.

Thank you.


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I would guess that at one point in time you opted out of auto updates and update notifications. When you are logged in to Play and have accepted all TOS agreements, go to settings (three bars in the upper left) and see if auto-update and notifications are checked. Google will remember these settings with your account so even if you clear the data from the app, it will still load back in once you connect to the play store.
... you might also want to consider not using auto update but instead see what is being updated before it happens.

On the main Play Store screen I swipe right and click on My Apps and Games. It then displays all updates that are pending. I review them and usually Update All.

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i checked update wifi only and show notifications, but nothing helps. google play cant apply these options. it works only when i manually download apps via playstore.


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auto update is a double edged sword that I don't want to even go near.

darn good way to break a perfectly working phone.

If it ain't broke, don't be fixing it until it is.