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Google Play Download Has Error, Debug Version Through Android Studio Does Not

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by RewindJAA, Mar 17, 2019.

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    When I purchase an in-app product in my program when installing the apk through Android Studio, my code works perfectly. My button which shows the price when unpurchased updates to showing a tick, indicating the user has got it.

    However, when I use the exact same apk (but obviously signed etc) from a download through the Google Play Store there is a quirk.

    When I click my button showing the price to buy the in app product, it goes through Google's own purchase routine, but on return the button does not update immediately to show the tick. Even if I close the program off and reload it does not show the tick on the button rather than the price. It should do as the purchase has been made. (Note: I check for products purchase at load time and update those buttons then. That is why it should show the tick.)

    However, if I click the button again, it does NOT go through Google's purchase sequence (probably recognising it has already been bought) and then and only then it updates the button to a tick, showing it has been bought.

    I obviously cannot debug the store download. I can only debug the version that goes through Android Studio and that is working fine.

    Does anyone know what is going on?

    (The program is in alpha - I could add a few people here to the tester email list and give the link to the Google Play test. That means the purchase is not charged.)

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