Sep 19, 2018
I have just tried to listen to some music on my Moto G7 Power using Google Play. I have been using this app for an age now, but it's now telling me "Google Play Music is no longer available" and that I can 'transition' the music on the phone to my youtube account. This means that I will have to be on line to listen to my music on my phone, or that is what I believe? Instead of just listening to it straight from the phone.

Does anyone know if I have got it right and if so is there any way around it where I can listen from my phone without being on line. I only have a small data allowance and if this is the case I can't see why I should have to pay to listen to MY music.
I don't use this app, but I think this may be your answer:

To me that sounds like "you can download your music but only with a paid subscription" (YouTube Music Premium). Hopefully someone who does use it will be able to give a definite answer.

(It's usually a good rule to never get invested in any particular Google service or product. They are prone to dropping things after a couple of years).
It may well be old news but it's the first I have heard of it?

Is there any way that I can load all of my music on to my phone. Almost all of it is music from my youth in the 60s/70s, a load from my vinyl LPs. I don't think that I have ever 'streamed' anything anywhere and all I want to do is listen to my music that is held on my phone.

A few years back when I lived in France I wanted a new, simple mobile. Not a smart anything and the biggest difficulty was that the bloke in Darty's, Currys equivalent, kept on asking what sort of camera we wanted on it. I told him that I have a very good camera but it didn't make phone calls and that's all I need it to do. once again, all I need to do is listen to my music.

Please, is there any way that I can do this simple thing?

Sorry Hadron, I was tryping when you posted.:D
I had a brain storm and did a DuckDuckGo and found an application called Phonograph. Downloaded/installed it in just a minute or two and it has picked up my music from googleplay and it's playing as I trype
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If you actually already have the music on your device - and in a place where it's accessible to apps other than Google Play Music - then yes, other apps should be able to play it just fine. Not using Google's Music app I wasn't sure that would be the case, or whether "your music" would be stuff you'd paid Google for and was held in their system somewhere.

Glad you found a solution :)
Thank you Hadron. I thought that I was going to have to spend an age getting it all back where I wanted it. A nice surprise