google play ... purchases ... no password?


i find it alarming that when i purchase an app from the google play store and click buy it does not ask for a password?

I know this is my computer but what if i was on someone elses .... they would be able to buy the account gets charged

is thre a way to ask for a password before any purchase?


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Your password is used to log into Google Play. If you are using someone elses PC make sure you log out of Google Play when you are done.


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Apparently you've instructed the browser to remember the password. That encrypted information won't be available to anyone else unless they're using the same browser on the same computer as the same user that you are logged-in as.

Edit the security preferences to remove that information from the browser, if you like.

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Is it just me, or might the OP be referring a handset of costs as his/her computer? In the off chance that's the case....

OP, how are you accessing Google Play? If it's from a phone or tablet, something
like app lock or a password on your lock screen might help.