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Google Play Services not Working :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LightyKD, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Laynifer

    Laynifer Newbie

    I couldnt get it to work with the latest version either, I was only able to roll back to the version before the crash issues & basically get it back to how it fumctioned in August, before the 8 update. Sorry if that wasnt clear.

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  2. Lpen21

    Lpen21 Well-Known Member

    Can you get into recovery and clear partition cache?
  3. rmhale0207

    rmhale0207 Lurker

    I think all of this has taught me one very valuable lesson and that is not to put all of my application needs into one supplier... It looks like I'll need to begin to look for alternative programs to anything Google... After all of this exhausting experiments to attempt to get Google apps to work for me the reality is clear... The Kyocera devices (and some others) are going to be left in the 'too bad so sad' group with Google... Lesson learned, it's time to move on without Google and find alternative apps and place my focus in something much more meaningful...
  4. Hey guys,

    I've started a petition to get the attention of Google and Kyocera to fix this error. Assuming there's 10,000 Kyocera Vibe Hydro users, it would collectively cost us MILLIONS of dollars to replace our phones. Please sign the petition and, if you have Twitter, click the Twitter link to send a premade message to Google, Android, and Kyocera to fix our goddamned phones! Feel free to cut and paste this message and repost it any forums you're a part of, on Reddit, on Social Media, wherever! We should NOT have to pay for Google's mistake.

    Petition to Google, Kyocera, and Android to Fix Our Phones: http://tiny.cc/fixmyphone
    Tweet to Google, Kyocera, and Android to Fix Our Phones: http://ctt.ec/_5fa4
    Tweet to Virgin Mobile USA and VMUSA Tech Support to Fix Our Phones: http://ctt.ec/mNauV

    Thanks, and keep fighting! I don't want a bricked phone and neither should you!
    #304 angryandroid87, Oct 26, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
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  5. BTW Guys, this is the only place I've had the time to post this to so far. It looks like the links are working (we've already got about a dozen tweets) but make sure you are sharing this as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I'm not a big redditor and my social network only goes so wide. The hard part is done, so let's make sure we're doing the easy part - clicking a couple links to make sure our voices are heard. Thanks!
  6. itsthatbriguy

    itsthatbriguy Newbie

    Doesn't clear the bootloop. About to try a full reset.
  7. itsthatbriguy

    itsthatbriguy Newbie

    At least have a functioning phone again now, if one that needs to be rebuilt from scratch... :mad:
  8. drathborne

    drathborne Newbie

    You can now register to be a part of Kyocera's test group for the official patch.

    1. Register on Twitter
    2. Tweet to @KyoceraMobile
      • "@KyoceraMobile I would like to be a part of the Kyocera Hydro Vibe/Icon fix test group" should work
    3. Kyocera should respond and follow your account which will allow you to DM (direct message) them
    4. Send a DM to @KyoceraMobile with the information they request (this should be your carrier and your IMEI/ESN)
    5. Wait until the update is pushed to your device
      • If your phone is rooted make sure to unroot before applying the update or you will brick your phone
    If you do not want to contact Kyocera on Twitter you can wait for the patch to pass the testing phase. Because the fix does exist it will be pushed to all users eventually.


    Ryan Radford from the FreedomPop forums has fixed the problem for root users (root method explained below)! major props to him for not giving up and finding a solution!

    Steps (new video of the updated process by Chester H)
    1. Obtain root with KingRoot (adapted from original root method on FP forums by TeXcoder)
    2. Replace Kinguser with SuperSU
      1. Preferred: (no conflicts with Kingroot)
        • download Mr.W0lf's shell script
        • unzip script and put the mrw directory on your SD Card
        • download SH Script Runner and open it
        • press the far right button in the top menu, select Load and open root.sh from the mrw directory on your SD Card
        • press the middle button in the top menu to enable superuser mode
        • press the left button in the top menu to run the script
        • in the popup, (Allow) superuser permissions for SH Script Runner
        • wait patiently for SuperSu to open, let it update the Su binary (OK) and use (Normal) mode
        • if SuperSu asks to remove conflicting apps, hit (OK)
        • allow SuperSu to reboot your phone and Kinguser will be uninstalled and replaced
      2. Alternative: using Mr.W0lf's shell script and a terminal emulator and following this guide
        you may need to manually set Root Authorization for Terminal Emulator to Allow in KingUser/KingRoot
        (video of the alternative process by Chester H)
      3. If Nothing Else Works: SuperSu-Me (thanks to FoneFuzz for finding this)
        several users are stuck at black screens in the app, forcing them to use options 1 or 2
    3. Download ES File Explorer File Manager
    4. Enable the Root Explorer option in ES File Manager
      • in the top left corner of the app, click the button with three lines and scroll down
      • you may need to manually set Root Authorization for ES File Manager to Allow in KingUser/KingRoot
    5. With ES File Manager, open /sysprop/kcjprop
      • Vibe users do not have this directory, see step 6
    6. Copy libpredtm.so to /system/lib
      • Vibe users must download libpredtm.so
      • Icon users can copy the file from /sysprop/kcjprop or download libpredtm.so for convenience
      • Libpredtm.so is also provided in a zip below, but downloading it requires registration
    7. Reboot for good measure (not strictly necessary unless using the Vibe)
      • Ryan (radfordra) has noted that you should not reboot if you did not replace Kingroot and are planning to remove it after applying the fix! Please read the note below for removal instructions.
    8. Enjoy using your previously broken Google Apps
    He also said that if you need to use Android Pay (it will not let you set up if you have root)
    1. Open Chainfire's SuperSU
    2. Go to settings, uncheck Enable Superuser
    3. Open Android Pay and complete setup
    4. Open Chainfire's SuperSU again, recheck Enable Superuser

    Note: Replacing KingRoot is optional but recommended. If you plan on unrooting after transferring the library it is easier to just use Kingroot to get root, open the Kinguser app and enter the Root Authorization menu. Allow root permissions for ES File Explorer, then you are able to copy libpredtm.so into /system/lib. After that reopen Kinguser and click the Settings Gear in the upper right, click Root Authorization setting and click Remove root Permission and follow the prompts.

    edited to fix step order and explain the root method... sorry, I was excited
    edited oct 29th with extra info
    edited oct 30th with supersume details and credit and added chesters video
    edited oct 31st to add mediafire download link, remove need to register
    edited nov 2nd to directly link to shell scripts version 2.4
    edited nov 3rd with easier kinguser replacement method
    edited dec 5th with information about official fix and direct link to Kingroot 4.50
    edited feb 9th with ryan's warning about removing kingroot

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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
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  9. HowieWrites

    HowieWrites Member

    I can confirm at my end: THIS WORKS.

    In summary, it looks like the file libpredtm.so is missing under the /system/lib directory. This file is critical to running several of the Google apps (which include Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube), yet for some reason it isn't in this directory on Hydro VIBE phones.

    On my phone, there is no /sysprop/kcjprop directory, and, thus, no libpredtm.so file to be found. I downloaded the zipped libpredtm.so file, unzipped it, and moved it to /system/lib.

    This fix requires careful rooting. It's a pain, but it works.
  10. HowieWrites

    HowieWrites Member

    Also, I think the steps can be greatly simplified. I have not tested this shorter method, but I think the following could work -- generally speaking:

    1. Side-load KingRoot and use it to root the Hydro VIBE.

    2. Install ES File Explorer. Turn on its switch for "Root Explorer".

    3. Download libpredtm.zip and extract libpredtm.so to /system/lib (this directory is listed under "Device").

    That's it.

    You can continue...

    4. Use KingRoot to un-root the Hydro VIBE. (You can then uninstall KingRoot if you don't want to have it on your phone.)

    5. Now since your phone is back to normal (not rooted), you can install Android Pay if you want to use this app.
    #310 HowieWrites, Oct 27, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  11. HowieWrites

    HowieWrites Member

    This is a ridiculously easy fix -- all the carriers (Virgin Mobile, Sprint, FreedomPop) need to do is push out a "firmware update" that simply installs the missing libpredtm.so file. The phone downloads this file, reboots into root, installs the file, switches off root, resumes loading the phone. Done.
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  12. radfordra

    radfordra Newbie

    First let's give credit where credit is due, I only added the part about having to have ES File Explorer, and the Android Pay fix while still maintaining root. User Robert Zimmerman and texcoder are the ones who actually came up the lib file and root instructions respectively, I wasn't really wanting to make any of this public since the last time I posted a fix for this as it failed after a day, but this should be permanent.

    You need root to get Wi-Fi tether router to work, and if you just tick off root for all of two minutes while you setup Android Pay you can keep root.
    Also I would replace it with SuperSu from chainfire

    Scratch FreedomPop off that list, they only activated the Hydro Icon, they made no modifications to the rom what so ever. Kyocera locked the bootloader of the device and they are likely the ones responsible for the clusterbomb this has been.
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  13. FoneFuzz

    FoneFuzz Newbie

    Whew...been reading this thread all morning!

    Picked up an Icon on ebay for dirt cheap to replace my LG Volt for work which is now replacing my aging Droid Bionic. I don't need network or wi-fi in my use at work (large database, inventory, notes). After a factory reset I started downloading (wi-fi) the apps I need. Noticed the auto-update of the evil Google Play Services. No problems until I downloaded SplenDo and tried to sync it to my drive. Then...the rest is pretty much like this thread. I worked on it a bit on my own, even rolling back to stock 5x, then updating to 7.8.99 -070. That got me more trouble (wrong arch.). Then found this thread, and GLAD I did! Thanks guys!!

    I rolled back again, updated to the 7.8.99 listed here, quickly set up the 6 apps I need, and shut the wi-fi off on the phone. If it works I'll wait for the fix. If not, I'll be learning how to root a phone (Boost). I've been root in Linux before, but not a phone.
  14. Lpen21

    Lpen21 Well-Known Member

    I alerted Android police to this story, hoping they report on their blog if nothing else to shame Kyocera and Google and alert people. Kudos to people who stuck it out and found solution. Next we need to petition Kyocera to unlock the bootloader already. Mass tweet them to pressure them or this will happen again. Let some talented devs create ROM so Vibe users can enjoy timely updates and support
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  15. radfordra

    radfordra Newbie

    The rollback (to the 03x versions of 7.8.99 of the play services, any other version will mess up your device) won't work, Google Play Services auto updates regardless of what you do.
  16. HowieWrites

    HowieWrites Member

    A day later: Everything still works on my Hydro VIBE, and after I rebooted it a few times. It's running Google Play Services 8.3.00, and the latest versions of Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube, etc. all work as they should. I set up and got Android Pay working with my store benefit cards and credit cards.

    I rooted the phone, put libpredtm.so into /system/lib, switched off root, and uninstalled KingRoot. Then installed Android Pay. (Other than for being able to uninstall the awful Lumen Toolbar under root, I personally have no need to keep my phone rooted.)

    In the aftermath, libpredtm.so is missing from the Hydro VIBE. Was it part of Android 4.3, which the phone originally comes with, and VIBE's that still run 4.3 have not had this problem? Or is libpredtm.so also missing from Android 4.3 on the VIBE? Everybody in this forum who was affected by this "bug": are any of you on Android 4.3?

    Basically, if phones still on 4.3 are not affected, then that means Kyocera botched the Android update to 4.4 a long time ago, and nobody noticed until Google Play Services hit 8.x. If 4.3 phones are also affected, then Kyocera botched it all from the beginning with the VIBE.
    #316 HowieWrites, Oct 27, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  17. radfordra

    radfordra Newbie

    I'm on 4.4, with the icon. Personally tethering is needed for me so that's why I keep root around.

    Just so you guys know I blasted this to kyocera. Along with insulting them about how someone with no experience with dealing with the underbelly of Android could fix this over their engineers. Yes I know all this is was copying a file from one folder to another.
  18. forsaken6661

    forsaken6661 Lurker

    so for the rest of us where can we get this file so we can fix this?
  19. radfordra

    radfordra Newbie

    Here you go sir, it should be noted that my only contributions to this was the instructions for ES file explorer.
  20. forsaken6661

    forsaken6661 Lurker

    awesome thank you just so happens thats my file explorer of choice so that makes it easier
  21. forsaken6661

    forsaken6661 Lurker

    NICE!!! totally worked for me hope it stays fixed its truly sad that all that really need to be done was a 2 minute copy and paste job
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  22. radfordra

    radfordra Newbie

    If you have root already then it's a 2 minute job, slightly longer if you don't have that first
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  23. Lpen21

    Lpen21 Well-Known Member

    Never issue on 4.3 I am think it was poor implementation of 4.4.
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  24. Lpen21

    Lpen21 Well-Known Member

    They deserve it. I also badgered them to unlock bootloader. Since they don't have a clue at least open the phone so users can upgrade. I would be willing to donate my Vibe to a developer if Kyocera unlocks. Since moved on to Moto g3 so no longer need my Vibe.
  25. itsthatbriguy

    itsthatbriguy Newbie

    The phone =wasn't= functioning again, as it turned out. All keyboards had been removed from the ROM. Took me forever to find Kyocera drivers and get ADB working under Win10 but I finally got Android Keyboard pushed to the phone.

    On the plus side, despite being updated to the latest GPS version, Hangouts, GMail and Play Music work just fine. I would not recommend this route to anyone else, though...

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