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Google Play Store problem on wife's tablet

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Godzillamax, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Godzillamax

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    I have Galaxy SIII phone and about a month ago my Google Play Store suddenly started going bonkers. I could launch the app and switch between the My Apps, My Wishlist, and Redeem tabs, but I could not get the Store Home tab to load. Clicking on Store Home simply loaded the My Apps tab.

    I tried everything from clearing caches, deleting and reinstalling my Google accounts, etc. but nothing worked. Eventually I did a factory reset and reloaded my Google account, but even that didn't work. Last thing I tried was to delete my Google account, do a factory reset, and then signed up for a new Google account during the phone's set-up process. That fixed the problem and my Google Play Store now works fine.

    My wife just got a Hiense Sero 7" android-based tablet and she is experiencing the exact same problem with Play Store. I tried all the same (less invasive) fixes fist on her tablet but none worked. So, like my SIII I did the factory reset with deletion of her Google account. Unfortunately, this did not rectify the problem on her tablet.

    This issue is a major PITA because without access to the Store Home you can't even search for and install something as simple as Angry Birds.

    Hoping someone has a fix for this issue. Compared to the interface on my wife's 9" iPad for getting new apps/programs the Google Play Store is one buggy POS app.

    All of the devices are in the U.S., and we have not traveled outside the U.S. recently, and neither device has been rooted or had suspect apps/software installed on them. The build version for Play Store on her Sero 7 is 4.5.10, same as on my SIII.

  2. Rukbat

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    Not a fix, but you can go to the Play store on a computer (log into the Google account for the device you want to install an app on), find the app and click Install. (Then click the next button - I think it's also install - and the OK button.) It'll install the app to the device. If you have more than 1 device on that account, before the second button you get a dropdown of devices on the account, and you can choose which one to install to.)

    Watch under the install button when you first go to an app's page. On a phone, you won't see apps that your phone doesn't support. On the website you will, and a line under the button will come up telling you if none, some or all of your devices support that app. (You won't get a second install button if you choose to install to a device that won't support the app, you'll just get a cancel button.)

    At least she'll be able to install apps until you figure out the problem. (Install a backup app first, so if you have to do a reset, you can have all the apk files saved on your computer.)

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