Help Google Play Tells Me App is installed and it's not

Only just got rid of my flip-phone a couple of weeks ago so I am a very new user.:)
I tried to install Star Realms from Google Play. Here are the steps:
  • My moto g was plugged into my PC
  • I clicked the "Install Button".
  • Download started.
  • There was a 489 error.
  • Went back to Google Play.
  • Google Play said that it was installed.
  • Clicked the "Installed Button"
  • Download started.
  • No error.
  • Google Play says it is installed. Cannot find it on my phone. :thinking:

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm also facing the same problem. Help me...

I'm accessing play store from wifi over chrome in my moto g 2nd gen. Google play store says its installed but is not showing in my phone.


Android Enthusiast
This is probably due to Google updating the PlayStore to 5.0, just power off your phone for a few minutes and re-boot your phone. All should be good afterwards.