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Google Reader client for Android?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sabesh, May 29, 2011.

  1. sabesh

    sabesh Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm looking for a client that does the same or better job than "Reeder" for iPhone O/S. I'm looking at the following:

    Google Reader

    - Do any of these support Readability or Mobilizer with one click while viewing an article summary?

    - Do any of these have a two-click option to save to Instapaper?

    I'm open to any other Google Reader client suggestions as well.



  2. Guamguy

    Guamguy Android Expert

    I'm a heavy Google Reader user and I still wonder what the heck is Readability and Mobiizer.

    All those apps you mentioned are good and are quite popular. In addition to those, there is also Pulse News Reader, Slidescreen, etc,.

    I still prefer Google Reader above all. The reason is that it constantly syncs with the least overhead. No massive polling. Plus a nice widget on screen. I click on it, I see the latest news, no need to refresh and download. Logging on is instant --- it uses the login on your Android phone.

    As for Instapaper, all Android news readers have a share option. But what they share to isn't built into the app. It's what you add to the phone. The sharing is much more modular than in the iPhone. To get Instapaper capability, you need to download an Instapaper client, whether its free or paid. The option to share to Instapaper will appear when you hit the Share or Send button.

    Ditto with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, and so on. You add that Share ability with every app you install.
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  3. harviek

    harviek Lurker

    In addition you could have a look at:
    - feedly (Android version of the famous desktop RSS reader, excellent integration with Google Reader), mobilizer is available but only once the original article is accessed (though internal browser) - major drawback for me: very laggy on Samsung Galaxy S
    - D7 Reader: the best for me - fluent and quick articles prefetch - mobilizer when accessing article summary (no idea re instaper though).


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  4. sabesh

    sabesh Member
    Thread Starter

    Thx guys, I appreciate the feedback. Just getting ready before my next Android phone arrives (coming back after an iPhone sabbatical). Cheers.

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