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Google services on Hawueii Media Pad M6

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pidasms, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. pidasms

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    After using the Huawei Honor Pad JD09 for a few years and being very happy with it I bought a Media Pad M6 because of the higher specifications-4GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, holds a 256 GB micro SD card and has a faster processor. I couldn't find specs this good on an Australian seller for an 8" tablet so I got one from Gear Best who I bought the first tablet from. the first one came with a Chinese ROM and language. I changed to English, uninstalled most of the Chinese apps and sideloaded the google play store, changed to the google launcher and its great. I only have the google apps I use, unlike a local tablet which has all of them. Unfortunately this new tablet seems to be blocking attempts to use any google apps. They install but don't work, whereas Microsoft's apps including the Microsoft launcher all work fine (although the Microsoft launcher cant be set to default, have to click on it after booting into the Huawei launcher. I saw some internet site suggesting a fix using an app from lzplay, but that link has been taken down. Anyone else got an easy fix? There are alternatives: Gmail works in the email app and outlook, my photos on google photos are duplicated on one drive, the calendar is duplicated in Microsoft's, and while not as good there are other mapping options. Plus all of google works in a web browser, just less convenient. Interesting Adobe Digital editions works, but Adobe reader is "incompatible". Most of the apps I got from phone clone (from my LG phone- the Honor pad, Hauwei's old device is not compatible-go figure when they want you to update from your old device!), they are not in hauwei's store but nearly all the ones I want work ok.

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  2. James L

    James L Android Expert

    There's a way on XDA look at the post's for your device. LZplay or something like that can't remember.
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Huawei locks out third-party launchers from latest versions of EMUI for some reason. As for the Google apps not working, usually you can't just sideload Play etc. and expect them to work. Huawei used to provide an unofficially patched version of Play, etc. you could install their their own AppGallery app store, which what I'm still using on a Mate 10. But that seems to have gone now.

    FWIW I'm not buying any more Huawei.

    And my next phone will most likely be a Samsung Galaxy S10+
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