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Google Sky Map: "What is that?!" -says the iPhone...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tylerdrew, Jun 7, 2010.

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    "What is that bright star next to the moon?! Wow!"-Friend. "Lemme see... That is..."-Me, as i pull out my trusty Android phone and 3.52sec later, "That is Mercury! My lame iPhone using friend..." So went another successful iPhone jab and promotion of my sweet Android Phone.
    I love this APP! Especially on a clear night, you can figure out what are stars and what are planets, where the constellation are, even search a name of a planet and it will direct you there!! It uses your built in GPS (or network location, still very accurate) to determine your location (on the whole Earth!) and then the internal digital compass, accelerometer, gravity sensor, and other mysterious devices (embellished) to figure out exactly where you are looking from and to where you are looking to, no matter the direction -even showing you what is on the other side of the world! -below the horizon. Check out the video if you want to see exactly/amazingly/mind blowingly how it works:
    ****5 stars +5 more*****

    The previous iPhone jab is usually followed by them pretending to drink beer out of their phone and magically refilling it... lame. Use those 8.26sec to use Goggle Maps and find a REAL beer joint and THEN give you turn by navigation directions to get there!! Love that APP also!!



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