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Google sync Captivate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TonuStark, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. TonuStark

    TonuStark Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am lost with the Google sync how to!

    1. Do I need an outside (down-loadable) app for my phone (ATT Captivate) or is it built in.

    During my initial set up of the phone I entered my Gmail info. It was interesting and confusing, when I looked at my contacts for the first time. Wow there were my email address set up in my Gmail account.

    That's cool but how did I do that? and when does it change, if I were to add additional contacts?

    2. I've read many different site's regarding transfer of info between Gmail and phone, Google even has a Video explaining what it does. They also give a list of the devices capable of utilizing this cool feature.

    So I see what was loaded to my phone, through Gmail, but how do I create the reverse? I need to transfer all my contacts that were on my SIM to my Gmail account???

    I downloaded an app from the Android market called "Backup to Gmail". I truly don't even know if I needed it, however it didn't transfer my phones contacts to Gmail, or did it? Where would they be. There's a contacts button when your in Gmail and these are the ones the phone added to the contacts on the phone.

    Somebody please help a totally confused guy
    Thanks, Tomween1

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  2. skinien

    skinien Android Enthusiast

    When you type in your gmail information, the phone imports all of your gmail contacts and calendar events and starts syncing email, calendar, contacts in the future. When you see your gmail/google contacts in your phone, you'll see a little square with a 'g' in it to the right of the contact name. This means that this contact exists in your google account (when you log in online).

    When you add a new contact on your phone, you can chose to store it on your SIM, phone, or google account. If you store it on your google account, it will be added to your account so you can see that contact online too. Any changes made online and on your phone to google contacts will automatically sync.

    It sounds like you already have contacts on your sim and want to see them online. I don't know if there is a way to export those contacts to a file and then import them online, but if there aren't many, just log into gmail online and add them to your gmail contacts. Then delete the duplicates that are on your sim (or chose not to show them from the menu options).

    The last thing... if you email someone, google stores that email address and automatically creates a contact for that person. That's why when you synced them on your phone, many contacts showed up than what you're used to. To get rid of some of those, the easiest thing to do is open your contacts, select menu->Display options->Only contacts with phones. Of course, this option isn't good for you if you want to see particular contacts that you added who DON'T have phone numbers for them, just emails.

    I hope that helps.
  3. lwendt33

    lwendt33 Newbie

    I have now added my contacts to groups but when I sync I don't see the people being parts of the groups on my Captivate? How can you get the groups in Google to show up thru on the phone? I tried syncing but they aren't there. The only contacts I'm show are my Google contacts...help

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