Google Talk Issue


Nov 11, 2009
Is anybody else having a problem with google talk and receiving a " [somebody] did not receive your chat" message whenever you try to im somebody? It happens both on my Droid and in the chat client in gmail.

The reason I'm asking here is that it only seems to be affecting my buddy and me and we both have Droids. Our friends who don't have droids can talk to one-another, but any message to or from us have issues. Could be coincidence but I thought I'd ask.
happens to me randomly too. usually nothing a sign out/back in doesn't fix. usually happens after going idle/active/idle/active/etc. too many times
Alright, that fixed the problem. You have to explicitly sign out and back into the client on the phone. Weird thing is it happened to my friend AND me at about the same time.
It's been happening to me and a few others this evening too. I think Google is having problems. I couldn't log in to Picasaweb earlier either (error 502). At 7:18 it told me I had three emails that came in between 6:51-6:59 (on PC didn't show either).