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I just started using Google Calendar and Task list. How do I get my Tasks to show up on my Moto Droid? I can see it on the top of my Calendar on my PC but I don't see it anywhere on my Droid?


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there is an app in the market called gtasks. I use it all the time. It syncs with google tasks and works great.

I use gtask as well, but it's very plain and aesthetically unpleasing. Sure it gets the job done, but could be better. But more interestingly, the dev team at Astrid emailed me today and said that as soon as Google releases the API for Tasks they're going to incorporate the ability for Astrid to synch with Google tasks. I can't wait for that.


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gTasks DOES include the ability to sort by date. Moreover, it's a virtual replica of Google Tasks. Indeed, I think it looks even 'prettier'. I like that it's straight forward and cleanly designed. The newer versions also do auto-sync, which is nice. I can highly recommend it.


I use gTasks too.

Also check out Pure Calendar Widget (cost 1.49 euro).... money well spent, intergrates with gTasks and has a LOT of options to customize. Highly Recommend!


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This is horseshit...I haven't been time bombed yet but if I do (and I sense that I will cuz on the website there were several mentions of, "get the free version to ensure complete compatibility" and a "buy" button at the bottom. This is why I hate RTM and, if I can't avoid it, why I will dump gtasks...telling you it's FREE! and then after you install you find out ya gotta pay at some point.
No thanks...I'll wait for Astrid to complete their compatibility issues with Google and get Astrid. That's the only one I'd buy.
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