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Google Translate: Its Great! That's No Foreign Language!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AlmostMatt, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. AlmostMatt

    AlmostMatt Guest
    Thread Starter

    So let's say you have encountered someone you have never met before and like people suggest, you should say Hello, and you do. But wait, according to "Making Friends for Dummies" they should respond with Hello, but they don't! They respond with Hola. What now? What could this lead to...

    A new invention has come out to help solve this socially awkward encounter called Google Translate. From Spanish to French, any language can be deciphered from this handy tool. You can easily with just a few button clicks get from one language to another. So that awkward Hola, would become a Hello :) It's an easy way to pass a Foreign Language class if you're having trouble in, or to communicate with foreign friends, or to just mess around with. In any case this App can come in great use.

    This app has SMS support so it makes it easy to text in foreign languages. It also has the option to copy and paste, so you can post in forums, social networks, etc. in a completely different language or you can grab text from a website and translate it with just a few touches.

    From SMS Support, copy and paste, voice input, dictionary, and tons of other options, this app gets a A+ from me! I hope you download this app!



  2. Joshuakalafchi

    Joshuakalafchi New Member

    Aug 19, 2010
    My SMS messages fromare never received when sent. I can not figure out why. I have to retype them to work.

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