Apr 14, 2012
(Samsung Galaxy Note sch-i717 on stock ICS)

I've been searching the web and i can't seem to deduce what format the Google TTS voices are in.

What format are they in?

Is the format open source?

Does anyone know where i can get alternate voices for Google TTS or even better develop my own? I'm eager for a 70's cylon/vocoder voice.

A search of the Google Play store for "TTS Voices" will bring up a lot of choices for you to review, but I don't think your going to find the Cylon of your dreams...

I was using Loquendo TTS Susan when I was on Gingerbread, but the developer has not updated for ICS yet...
Thanks. I've tried the various engines and voices. What i'm after might be better put in the developers forum. I'd like to make my own voice for google tts but i can't even find the basic information about it to start that.