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Google TV Guide? Info & Links Updated 4:54 PM CST May 24, 2010

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Phases, May 24, 2010.

  1. Phases

    Thread Starter

    Official Google Blog: Announcing Google TV: TV meets web. Web meets TV.

    Google TV

    FAQ Page

    Sony's Info Page

    Logitech's Info Page

    Intel's Info Page

    YouTube - GoogleDevelopers's Channel (More videos on right)

    Rob's opinion piece - Why Google TV is this holiday season's must-have

    google tv - Google Search

    Couple quick notes:
    - Bridges web and tv
    - Google search for content, tv, web, apps, bookmarks...
    - Translate closed captioning
    - Integrates with DVR
    - Youtube Leanback - optimized youtube for living room viewing
    - Can install Android Apps
    - Android phones (multiple) can control (Imagine what that will do for games)
    - OS to Android and Chrome source trees
    - By fall of 2010, Sony TVs/BRs with capability built in will be available.
    - By fall of 2010, a logitech box will be available for your existing HDTV.
    - DishNetwork plans to put limited capabilities in their boxes.
    - Best Buy will be a heavy supporter/advertiser.
    - Powered by Intel
    - Flash 10.1
    - Should be able to browse Market on your browser from computer (or TV!) and one click install apps to your phone, Chrome browser, and/or TV.

    Gotta see it to really feel it, watch the videos! :)

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  2. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    I'm interested, but... I already have a PC I use for watching web content on my HDTV. And the last thing I need is another monthly payment.... I see little likelihood that I will be willing to add more equipment, or replace existing equipment, as well as subscribe to a service (unless it were DIRT cheap) unless the content is extensive. I mean, LIVE SPORTS... and all the top shows from all the networks. Every TV Solution out there from cable to Satellite, based on market limitations leaves large gaps in the items I can watch at the time they are aired. I'm tired of watching sports when I already know the winner, and sick of missing shows that are not included in web content from the networks who broadcast them.

    Maybe I missed something in the details from the links you provided, did you hear any specifics on the content? I heard a vague but canvasing comment about "ANYTHING YOU WANT TO WATCH", but I'm skeptical.
  3. sujalsing

    sujalsing Guest

    thanks for your sharing of link updates
  4. dnc1604

    dnc1604 Lurker

    i got a smart tv player. i just did a factory reset. can some tell me how to get back all the settings and to get back the file explorer so that i can use my flashdrive.
  5. jeria

    jeria Lurker

    you can reset the box and see if it can works

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