Google voice and phantom calls


Hey guys,

I just found a serious issue I am having with google voice. I just received my newest verizon bill and I ended up going WAY over on my voice minutes even though I don't even make calls that often. Well, i went to check my call log on the website and I noticed a ridiculous amount of calls to my google voice number. Thing is, I don't even use that account or number any more. The only thing i use google voice for is as a voicemail service and I never actually call to check that. I only use the app for that.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here? I'm going to call verizon tomorrow to dispute the charges but it would be nice to have a little background as to what exactly is going wrong.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Ouch, thats unfortunate. Do you have your Verizon voicemail forwarded to your google voice? If you do then every time someone phones and leaves a message, it uses up minutes while its forwarding the message. At least it does on my account. Fortunately (or unfortunately) i dont get many calls so its never caused me to go over my minutes.

Your best bet would probably be to get people to call your google voice number directly. That way it wouldn't use any of your minutes.

EDITED: I checked my statement and the forwarded voicemails show up as calls to a google voice number. This must be exactly whats happening to you.