Google voice commands vs google dictation


Android Enthusiast
I think I am starting to realize that google dictation and google voice commands are being mentioned interchangeably but only one can be done offline.

For the longest time people (as well as articles on the web) have been saying jelly bean can do offline voice commands. But I think that is false.

What they are referring to is offline voice dictation but not voice commands. This is why so many people say that they go to google now and issue commands only to get the "cannot reach google" error when they are offline. Follow by people recommending that you go into settings and load offline voice but that has nothing to do with voice commands. Its dictation. The problem and the solution are 2 different things.

Unless I am completely wrong. If I am then I still for the life of me have not figured out how to get google to tell me "google, what is today's weather" with no data on. So if thats the case, I hope we see some level of google voice commands offline.