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Google Voice: Great app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by popalex, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Google Voice is a great app for desktop users and new alike, this has to many features just to be called great this app should be called MAGNIFICENT.

    Now into the app, you get many things that the normal version does. You get international calling, Google voice connects with your native contact list, you can customize greetings for each person, voice mails are made into text so you can read them like email. You can send texts for free and receive, and all your numbers integrate into one for you to keep track easier of your life.

    Google Voice integrates all your numbers to one phone which I find great you can have all your business, personal , etc numbers at your finger tips. It?s easier to make international calls with this app the minutes start at two cents per minute. When you first set it up you can instruct the app to work with all calls, international calls, or you can set it up every time you open it. The app lets you make outgoing calls and SMS.

    Your call log integrates with your main call log so it?s easier to view your missed calls. One nice thing at the beginning of a message from your Google number it showed your proper Google account name so it could be easier for others to know who it was. The app offers easy transcription and read the voicemails quite nicely.
    The app also allows customization like configuring notifications, set vibrate mode, and set the status mode to blink.

    CONCLUSION: Overall this is a great app and I think one of the best on the market and guess what it?s free!! So go over to the marketplace and download it!!!

    PROS: Free SMS, Low cost international calls, Universal Phone, Free

    Cons: Two different inboxes, Have to get invited by Google to sign up


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