Apr 25, 2010
use google voice as my primary mail app. It worked perfectly for me, but then my Incredible was stolen. I bought a new one and tried to set up google voice, but now the app does not work. When a person calls my phone, they get the Verizon voice system, even though my phone is set to use the google system. I have tried various things. When I installed it for the first time, it prompted me to call a number to set up the system. When I call the number, I get a Verizon message saying my app's update attempt could not work. Every time I call I get this message. I uninstalled gvoice and started again. No change. I tried to deactivate my phone's number from my google voice account, but when it tells you to call *73 I get the same Verizon message I got when I called the above number. I have switched the phone settings to use the Verizon voicemail, then retried all the above steps, but got no differences. The google voice help topics basically tell you to contact your carrier. My carrier tells me to contact Google. Google Voice forums give no answers, nor does anyone seem to respond to inquiries. So I seem to be stuck in limbo. Anyone have any ideas about what I could do to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.