Google voice mystery phone number

I installed Google Voice on my Droid and started to get an unfamiliar phone number on my bill. I contacted Verizon and they said that it was an outgoing call from my phone, but the number is not one that I call. Verizon recommended a reset of the phone which I did, then reloaded the apps I have added slowing noting the time and date that I reloaded them. Once again when I installed Google Voice and made a call, this number appeared. The number is a local number and not the Google Voice number I have.

Does anyone know anything about this?:)


I have GV installed on my Eris and I have seen that when I make a call from GV, its a number from Austin. I think GV uses that as a number to make all outgoing calls from your phone but the receiver will see your GV number on the other side. I hope that makes sense. I have the 5 friends and fam program and I have added that as a friend number so all calls going through GV is free for me.


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Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be something like that. Do you know that for sure or are you assuming that is what is happening?

I guess I can replace my GV number with this number in the Friends & Family so it doesn't cost me minutes.


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It's not a mistake, that's how GV works. It uses a different number as its gateway number to complete your GV calls.

You can try adding the phone number to the friends and family list, but there's no guarantee it won't change at any time.


Mine has been the same number everytime as I look at my phone bill everyday to see for phone numbers I cant recognize. Verizon website has a neat feature where you can assign a nickname to the numbers you dial so you can see exactly who you are calling by that instead of the number and my number hasnt changed for GV since day one.


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i think its a common thing... this is why i only use google voice when i absolutely do not want someone knowing my number


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OP if you googled the strange # you would have gotten the answer right away. Shocking, isn't it, to have an Android phone and not use the search? ;)

To get around this problem, I dial the GV#, and use that method to make my phone calls. Incoming calls via GV still work fine. It's the outgoing that requires I dial GV# directly.