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Google Voice - Nexus S 4G (Sprint)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by spolebitski, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. spolebitski

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    I had been using goole voice for about a year when strange things began to happen.

    In the past I would have my sprint number and google voice number. I did not know how I wanted to use my google voice number so I did not give it out to many people. I was happy that when a phone call to my sprint number or google voice number would go to the google voice mail system (i could view a text message of the message, i could view it in my email or I could listen to the message via the goole voice app).

    In recent weeks when I make a phone call the out going number is my google voice number. When I send a text message the out going number is my goole voice number. This has been an inconvenience because many dont recognize this number.

    In the past I want to say that I had an option when sending a phone call or text message to use "google voice". This option is no longer available.

    I have even uninstalled the application and it still sends my outgoing number as my google voice number.

    How do I get my out going number to be my sprint number?

    How do I only use google voice for voicemail only?

    Did google voice change how it was used on the phone?

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