Google Voice Now Works on A100


Just a heads up..

Google Voice came out with an update a few days back which now supports Honeycomb tablets.

So, now it shows up in the market and you can download/install it.

This will allow you to text message from your A100. Of course you can also use other programs such as TextPlus to text message.

Many other things can be done with Google Voice as you know like check your voice mail if you use it for those purposes.

For me, this is great because I use Google Voice for my cell phone email. Now I can listen to my cell phone's voice mail from my A100.


For some reason, I cannot figure out how to use dialer for the GV app available for the Acer A100. Anyone else having this problem? I often dial out with GV for free phone calls*. I remember being able to do this on my short lived affair with an iPad.

* - [Three services: Google Voice + Free SIP account + SIP App with free inbound calls. How it works: GV dial-out through free SIP service --> freely received call on SIP app --> received call is actually an outbound call to destination number originally dialed from GV]


I can't figure out how to get to a dialer in Google Voice app on my A100. Only able to send and receive text messages. However, I installed "GrooVe IP" app ($4.99) and can now make call from A100.