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May 23, 2010
Just started this morning (I think) on 2 separate DXs. I've also noticed that GVoice to GVoice calls breaks caller ID now (incoming caller ID shows not as caller's GVoice number, but the number you call to get to GVoice).

Texts don't seem to be effected, and neither do incoming calls (other than the caller ID issue). Anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: This was supposed to be in the General section, sorry.

ANOTHEREDIT: While reinstalling, I noticed many market reviewers are having the same problem. I tried making a call using the website to ringback and it works fine.
I am having the same issue ....this morning I kept trying to call my boss (of all people this happened with)and it just kept ringing ......then he said every time he picked up the phone it said that the number is not in service ....on my end I never heard him pi k up just ring and ring ....I pray this works out soon!