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Nov 15, 2009
Central NJ
I've been using Google Voice and receiving GV SMS in the Voice app for years. To make better use of the Assist app on my Moto X, I've configured Google Voice to have messages received in my messaging app (currently Hangouts). Incoming messages appear to be from some other number, and the message text is prefixed with the name of the contact that sent the message. Now that I've got these other numbers assigned to my contacts, is there any way to stop GV from prefixing the message text with their name?
Nope. You're stuck with it as-is - for now, at least. (Supposedly, Voice will soon be integrated better with Hangouts, but it's not there yet.)

You're seeing the odd numbers (and the name prefix) because you have configured GV to essentially forward SMS messages. A contact sends a message to your GV number, it gets received by a Google SMS gateway, and then forwarded from that gateway to your mobile number. The gateway is responsible for adding the Sender's name/number to the message text, and that's unfortunately something that we don't have any control of.

The current options are to either receive SMS via the Google Voice app (and thus receive the messages as data packets), or have the message forwarded to your default messaging app (Hangouts) as an SMS. Again, this process will hopefully be polished a bit in early 2014.
The only issue with changing the number of your current contacts is sometimes those numbers change again. It's just because Google assigns numbers to everyone when using the GV application.

I was never able to remove those prefixes unless I rooted my phone and used CyanogenMod's Voice+
Thanks for the replies. Assuming Google follows through with integrating GV into Hangouts, it should only be a short term problem.