Google Voice Review


Under paid Sasquatch!
After running Google Voice since March I thought I would post a short review.

First, the concept is great, execution is where things fall a little short. I can rarely place a call the first time. A call goes something like this:

1. Select number
2.Press call
3. Select Google Voice
4. Wait, sometimes 10-20 seconds till call is placed or kicked back
5. If call is originated, may get a recording saying "Your call cannot be completed at this time" or one of a few others.
6. Try again, and hopefully get lucky.

Placing a non-Google Voice call:

1. Select number
2. Press Call
3. Call goes through in a few seconds

I have had calls that have taken as much as 20 minutes to get placed! (non-critical calls, wanted to see just how long the problem would persist)

Next, the text transcripts are usually gibberish, four or five of ten are legible enough to understand the intent of the message.

The personalized greeting service is one of the good points, works as intended.

I do like the Google number, it has proven useful. Prime example is calling customers who are dodging payment, they don't recognize the number and answer!

All in all, it is a good concept, but there are many flaws that need to be fixed before it will be a truly useful application. I am stuck with the decision whether to continue to use it or not.


Android Enthusiast
I like GV except that its not VOiP. All GV calls are routed through landlines first. If you have Sprint, you WILL be charged for minutes out of your minute pool whenever you place a call from your cell using GV... Now, if you have unlimited talk time, GV is EXCELLENT! I'd move my plan up to unlimited talk if google will just add MMS lol!