Google Voice SLOW after recent update


Hello everyone,

I am new to the site, so Hello!

I did some searching recently on the Google Voice application running slow after a recent update, but found no threads other than one from 2010.

I recently bought a Nexus S from Samsung (google phone) and use Google Voice app to do all my texting over a WiFi signal as I do not have reception in my home. About a week ago there was an update for the app and I did the install. Since then the GUI looks a bit different and now the app runs SOOO slow! I am prompted to force close often, clicking has HUGE lag to open items, and is just overall so slow!

Before the update it ran like a dream.

Has anyone else experienced this?? New to Android phones and apps... should I just re-install. What is the best practice to handle this?

Thank you all, I do appreciate it.


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They really botched this update.

Many people (including myself) are no longer receiving notifications when texts come.

I reverted back to the version from last week before the 2 recent updated.


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I had it backed up with titanium.

Here it is. Just save it to your phone, navigate to it with a file manager and click on it.
Just saying, I got put on probation for posting links to apks that I had backed up for personal use. Might want to remove that.


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Thank you for all your help. I will try the legacy version and see what happens. It may be my phone, I am not too sure at this point. All I DO know is that THIS particular version (newest) runs dog slow. Too bad. Looks nice.

Thanks again all.