google voice SMS integration


Hi all,

Just switched over from an iPhone and I'm pretty impressed so for. However, I've been looking for a mod simply to copy google voice sms to the native messaging app (or handcent in my case). i dl'd GV messaging integration for sending via gvoice right from the native messaging app but using the forwarding messages feature of gvoice sucks because texts come through as access numbers rather the actual numbers. more importantly, you are charged for texts unless you have an unlimited plan.

In other words, is there anything like GV messaging integration for receiving and sending messages? There is an excellent mod for iphones that does exactly what I'm talking about: SMS GV Extension. I'm baffled someone hasn't done the same on the android platform.


After logging onto GV web site - I don't get SMS or TEXT button, only get CALL button. Am I missing something ? I thought GV could send text messages.


Android Expert
Maybe I'm not understanding your problem correctly, but instead of forwarding, why don't you just send text messages directly from Google Voice?