Google Voice SMS native integration


Is there a setting, as with voice calls, to have all SMS commands directed through Google Voice? I've canceled my Verizon texting plan and want to send all of my texts through Google Voice. Obviously I can do this by composing messages through the GV app, but I would like to click on a contact's page and have GV automatically open to send the text message. Much like Handcent opens when you select a contacts texting option, when you have Handcent installed.

When I select the text message option from a contacts page (or press their contact picture and then select the text option), the Droid opens the standard text message application to send the text.

Interestingly, if I go into the call log, select a recently called number and choose "send text message," it opens Google Voice to send the text message.

How do I get the same functionality as above, so that selecting text message from a contact's page or shortcut uses Google Voice to send the message?



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Following up on this, if you are in your list of contacts and long hold on a contacts name (don't open the contact's page), you will be presented with a popup menu to select from several different options, including: (i) open contact, (ii) delete contact, (iii) star contact and so on. One option is "text contact." Selecting this option opens Google Voice ready to compose a message with the to field already populated with said contact's phone number.

No more having to open google voice and type in a contacts name or number. You can send texts via Google Voice using your list of contacts to find the person you want to text. While I would like Google Voice to open when you select the "messaging" icon, this seems like a reasonable work around/shortcut, instead of having to open Google Voice, choose compose, then begin typing the contacts name (which is annoying when you have a lot of contacts and several with very popular names). It's much easier to quickly scroll through the contacts list for me-- or more precisely, use my short list of starred contacts that I text with almost daily.