Google Voice spam: some questions

Here's the deal:

I am new Voice user, just got in last weekend with the Google Voice for Students thing. I set up a GV number for safekeeping but I'm not using it for calls or SMS. Voice is only set up on my Incredible to handle voicemail. So, tonight, I got a notification on my phone. Upon looking, I see that there's a message in Voice despite having not received any call. It's from an unknown number and obviously a spam message.

Two questions:

1.) How did this message get to me? i.e. did someone text my GV number or what?

2.) Is spam going to be a big problem with Google Voice? If so, I'm afraid I will very quickly switch back to my carrier's service.

Appreciate the input, thanks.


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To say that I never have had that problem lol.

Maybe the # you picked belonged to somebody else previously. Spam can be sent to any #.


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Well, I'd appreciate responses from people with actual insight into my questions. Please understand that comments from people not experiencing spam in Google Voice are not helpful.


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Figured sharing personal experience is actual insight. You asked if spam is a problem with GV I answered it has never been a problem for me. Really don't see how I did anything wrong. I viewed your question as something asking all GV users so that you can get actual data on it.