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May 5, 2010
Can someone please help with two GV issues:

1) I can't figure out how to text using GV. Can someone walk me through it? Right now, I'm not receiving my texts on GV (I'm getting them on Handcent).

2) How can I stop receiving transcripts of my GV messages as texts through Handcent?

Okay, I figured out #2 (it's in settings on GV on the computer, not on the phone). Just need help with #1. Thanks!
When I hit Voice on my phone, it brings me to an inbox. I hit menu and there is no "compose" option. I have only these options: refresh, labels, balance, settings and help.
What i did first was remove da text plan...

One more thing... Make sure when u text using ur google use ur google voice number... Not the one from verizon.
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oh ok..
just go to ur contacts+long press any contact+it will give u an option for send text message...

maybe thats ur problem.
Guessing you don't have a Google number as mentioned by others. Log on using your PC and texting should be an option there. Also, you can open the GV app on your phone, go to settings and under "About", it will list your GV number if you have one.
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Thanks guys. When I go to this phone's number under GV in my cell phone, it lists my cell number, not the GV# they gave me. So how do I switch it to the GV#? Do I also need to give that number out as my cell number now, too, or will calls/texts be routed to that number through my current cell number? Sorry for all the questions.