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Google Voice, VZW and the 24 hour phone call

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnnybirdman, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Nov 5, 2009

    Nov 5, 2009
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    Below is the same story I posted here: Google Voice, Verizon and the 24 hour phone call. | KrotoBlog

    Beware when forwarding you voicemail with the *71 trick.

    Like any good story I’ll tell you the ending first, Verizon Wireless was nice enough to remove the charges from my bill which ended up being in excess of $200 (Not that much for a 24 hour phone call plus the rest of the overages).
    The beginning of the story is that I was in the process of reviewing my Verizon Wireless bill when I noticed that it was significantly higher than the norm. Upon further investigation of the detailed phone calls I happened upon one phone call (from what I could initially tell from the bill, from my cell phone to my Google Voice number). The call lasted for 1438 minutes. If my math is correct that’s 23.9 hours of talking to myself. As I told the Verizon rep that I spoke with, I might be crazy but I know I didn’t talk to myself for 24-hours.
    Based upon further investigation of the text of the bill (check the picture below “NoAnsBusyXfer“) it appears as though it wasn’t even me calling myself, rather, it was a transfer (*71 trick) because I didn’t answer a call so it switched/transfered over to my Google Voice voicemail. I have since undone the forwarding so callers will now be getting my Verizon voicemail instead of Google Voice voicemail. I did this as a safety precaution so that I don’t receive any more 24-hour phone calls.
    I’m a big fan of Google Voice and love what they have to offer but I’m at least going to temporarily un-merry my cell phone from the Google Voice service unless or until I know that this is not going happen again (not sure how I’ll decide that?).
    Here is the clip out of my bill. The 814-636-xxxx number is my Google Voice number. As you can see I don’t make that may calls in a day and on our plan of 500 min. per month my wife and I average about 200 used.


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