Jun 10, 2010
I tried troubleshooting on google. I tried emailing them, but there is no option to email about the voicemail greeting, just telling me to wait after i change the settings.

So to the problem, I recorded both my name and custom greeting. When people get my voicemail, they hear the standard greeting "Please leave your name and Google voice will try to contact 'Thuyet To'". I went to all the settings, changed everything to play my custom greeting, but I'm still getting nothing. Any help?
I do it this way

1. Go to google voice from your desktop or laptop.
2. Go to the upper right---> Settings----> Voice settings
3. Click the Voicemail and text tab
4.Voicemail greeting is first one. Select "Custom Greeting" or wahtever you named it. If it is on system standard, it would do the automated voice and your name thing.
5. Make sure to save settings.

That should do it...
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got it to work. I had "call screening" on which made unknown users leave a name. Turned it off and works like a charm now