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Apr 4, 2010
Northern Virginia
For some reason the Google Prepaid card loaded up just fine, but my Citibank Credit keeps giving me an error when trying to add it.

I put in my info, and submit, and it says it's adding it, but then pops up a message that says the my card information is not correct.

I check and recheck my card info, and it's all right. Once I try to add it 3 three times, it says that I had too many attempts and that I must wait 24 hours before I can try to add it again.

I also tried to create a virtual account number on Citicard.com, but GW says that it not a valid card.

Anyone else have this problem with their Citi Mastercard?
Did you call your citibank card?
If they are no help, here an excerpt from a load today on who the actual company backing GW is for the prepaid portion:

The charge on your credit card history/statement will be from MONEY NETWORK LLC.
The Google Wallet Add Funds refund policy can be found in the Google
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I called the Google Wallet support line (855-492-5538).

He's said that Wallet is not supported on the Nexus at this time, and that he does not recommend that I install or add any cedit card information since they did not release this apk.

He also said that he doesn't recommend me using the prepaid card, since so many people are calling in reporting that the money they've loaded has dissapeared.

And he also said that Google Wallet is definitely coming to the Galaxy Nexus, he just doesn't know when. They are currently fixing various security flaws found with the application.

I might hold off on this altogether for now...doesn't really sound secure with Citicard or prepaid card option.
I received a letter from Citi congratulating me for setting up my MC on Google Wallet. It was bascially a confirmation letter that its now linked and fraud protections apply to Google Wallet like plastic CCs. Made me feel a little more secure about the app.