Google Wallet?


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I am asking this for a friend who asked me to root his phone, so please excuse me if the answer is common knowledge.

Is there any way to get google wallet on this phone? I see how to root, but no mention of which (if any) ROMs unlock the NFC feature and if wallet runs well or not with any of the aforementioned ROMs.

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i have read that google wallet, nfc, can be hacked.

it is on cnet, a reputable web site: Latest Google Wallet hack picks your pocket | Security - CNET News

and gizmodo, also reputable: Google Wallet Hacked Again

and fox business news, which says on this specific article, it is only on rooted GALAXY NEXUS handsets (but this article was written on a specific date. maybe more RECENT articles show other manufacturers have been hacked: Google Wallet Hacked Again; New Exploit Doesn?t Need Root Access | Fox Business

for me, i will NEVER, EVER use google wallet just to be cool and to only save a few seconds, but that is just my opinion. i would recommend you google google wallet hacking on sgs2 (samsung galaxy s2 handsets) as well.

google is always late with fixes and completely unconcerned with privacy. they always have been, and always will be, in my experience and opinion, based on all the articles in reputable news sources i have ever read in my life. if someone can hack one manufacturer, others are also logically at risk.

do as you wish..